* US$ ¥ Reship's Package Consolidation combines packages to reduce the cost of shipping. Now to the cons, first is the consolidation fee they are offering, this consolidation fee let's you combine 2 packages for 500 yen and 3 and above packages for 1000 yen (fee as of 11/12/2016) which is good if you don't want your items to be individually shipped. Package consolidation means shipping products in optimally-sized parcels. For 2 packages/items, it’s 500 yen. Please, remember, to consolidate packages, you have to activate the Premium Mail Box. That being the case, this article aims to help you understand exactly how consolidation works and how exactly it can help you save our your international shipping charges. The consolidation cost depends on what you want to combine. However, not many of them realize its significance in reducing the shipping charges by almost 60% of their shipping fees. We provide package consolidation services as well. Buyee places orders/bids on Japanese online shopping/auction sites on your behalf, and then ships the item(s) to your address overseas ! Buyee ranks 8th among Mail Forwarding sites. Buyee provides service to customers with the cheapest fees in the business. Visit: www.2fulfill.com. Search for the product in mind using the search bar from the CDJapan Proxy Shopping portal, or use other methods to obtain the URL for the item We work great on smartphones and tablets. Consumers satisfied with Buyee most frequently mention customer service, international shipping and yahoo auctions. Japan customs usually checks the size of larger packages randomly. So I ordered 4 watches off ebay. The shipment minimum (which is the 1st half kilo) is satisfied with the first package, eliminating the minimum charge for each. The package storage and consolidation service is really good. Bunjang.co.kr and other second-hand stores are also supported. 2 on Nov 19, 2018, 1 on November 22, 2018 and 1 on Nov 23,2018 all from different sellers. I had many experiences with Buyee, and I always thought it offers great choice, although shipping costs (and CH VAT) make buys less convenient than before (now mainly EMS options ONLY). The reason that our delivery fees are so low is because we are able to use cheap delivery methods such as small planes. How much does the consolidation cost? With multilingual support available, Buyee is very easy to use even if you are using it for the first time. I’ve probably bought over $10,000 in items from them… only a couple of complaints. Our warehouse will dispatch the packages if they fit the international standard. The first 2 I ordered were "shipped" using speedpak and the other 2 sent by international economy. Jauce is an auction & shopping service for buyers from outside Japan. Buyee says this is a random check, but pretty odd that 2 of us got bonged right away this year. Package Consolidation Service for Buyee - Bid on Yahoo! On top of the normal fees, there is a consolidation fee and your shipping fee can increase as well rendering the consolidation of your packages useless. how it works. Seamail’s a new one on us – might just be Surface Mail. Buy from Yahoo Japan Auctions (Japanese equivalent of eBay), Amazon Japan and Rakuten by using Jauce, and have them shipped to you internationally. Reship's B2B Solutions. This means that if you want to consolidate 3 packages, you will pay $5+3×$2=$11. Insurance: To add insurance, check here and enter the total purchase price below. This requires a good inventory management system & a reliable #fulfillmentpartner. This gives me a domestic place to ship items which brings another benefit – package consolidation. Your packaging options are ‘leave it up to Buyee’ (free) or ‘Protective’ (1,500 yen). In doing so, we’re able to reduce the overall shipping costs since shipping one parcel is cheaper than multiple parcels, no matter what the … Available shipping methods are a bit more versatile. MORE STUFF WE’RE PROUD OF Personal assistance Free consolidation Free repacking Live chat Real-time order status We handle pre-orders Get a quote: Add an item. Buyer’s Consolidations: Improving Landed Cost on LCL If you import and have multiple suppliers near a single origin port, your freight forwarder may have an opportunity to improve supply-chain efficiency by creating a buyer’s consolidation.If you aren’t already familiar with this strategy and how it’s different from less than container load (LCL) shipping, read on. Overall, it is recommended to buy from buyee only if you have items you want from a particular store that cannot be bought unless you are in Japan. Buyee charge a … Any number higher than that’s 1,000 yen. Also, ZenMarket offers 100% free package consolidation, so you can bundle all your items that arrived at their warehouse together in one package. Buyee – although they've recently reduced their service fees to closely mimic From Japan's pricing scheme, they still charge for package consolidation (packing all the items that you bought from different shops together into one parcel for international shipping), which Zenmarket and From Japan do for free. Quickly calculate your international shipping costs. Not just for light packages, heavier packages can also enjoy cheap fees. Sign Up. The consolidation costs $5 flat fee + $2 for every consolidated package. Please be advised that US limit (2.75m) is smaller than the international standard (3m). Create a Reship account and get a Mailbox in USA, Canada, and UK UK / … Competitive shipping rates, storage capabilities and extend the reach of your business. Service 11 Buyee don’t cover buyers issues with… Buyee don’t cover buyers issues with defective items! Buyee don’t cover buyers issues with defective items! buyee review, Buyee has a consumer rating of 4.04 stars from 230 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. For single items using Buyee is very good. JAPAN Auction in real-time and shop on popular Japanese websites from outside Japan! Create orders and ship packages on-the-go. 30 days in the warehouse without extra fees! This one was a very bad one: ‘Package consolidation’ is not new term when it comes to package forwarding services. We can help you ship products in a way that helps you save money on shipping. I had many experiences with Buyee, and I always thought it offers great choice, although shipping costs (and CH VAT) make buys less convenient than before (now mainly EMS options ONLY). When you factor in all the domestic shipping for each item, the package consolidation fee, The amount of items that you ordered and the fact that they overpack the items, that amount does kind of makes sense. We leverage our warehouses and logistical expertise to enable the best and cheapest Korea shipping service to worldwide. With the package consolidation service available to MyUS.com Members, you can hold packages in your suite at no charge for up to 30 days while you wait for more purchases to arrive. PremierFulfillment Tamara … Hi, I’ve been using Buyee for about 6 months and had items sent to the USA and for the most part haven’t had many problems. When the same 5 packages are shipped through consolidation, you will save a significant amount in the shipping cost… Package 1 = $18.25 1kg; Package 2 = $4.35 1kg; Package 3 = $4.35 1kg; Package 4 = $4.35 1kg Sign Up. Once all of your merchandise is in your suite, you can select it for shipping in one consolidated package. In package consolidation, your US mailbox forwarding service will take multiple small packages and combine them into one larger box.

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