Following the odyssey of four Christian-college students (mostly played by Disney TV graduates) who travel to Florida to test their boundaries of getting fucked up, the movie turns increasingly satirical as it becomes clear their definition of being bad doesn’t stop short of violence. An undeniably grim movie, Girlhood compensates with an amazing character study – themes of identity and adolescent need for belonging are at the center of a type of a story that rarely ever gets any attention. A big part of the film’s success is derived from the chemistry between Sandler and the Sprouse twins, who make better foils than the obligatory love interests with whom the actor has been saddled in the past. But the fact is that, despite what most rock music fans may think (either because they hate Broadway musicals, religion, or both), Jesus Christ Superstar is not a corny attempt at hippying up the Bible, like its vastly inferior, non-rock Broadway musical contemporary Godspell, nor is it an example of that lamest of rock genres, born-again fundamentalist Christian rock. [Keith Phipps], Both Larson and Tremblay are terrific in Room. [Tom Breihan], The studio system collapsed in the ‘60s, but every now and then, attentive mainstream filmmakers are able to recreate the creative conditions that produced so many seamless prestige pictures during Hollywood’s Golden Age. The story is mostly centered on Kari Peterson, portrayed by Tessa Thompson, who has fallen witness and victim to violence/abuse since her childhood. Lovecraft wasn’t generally a barrel of laughs, and his serialized short story “Herbert West: Reanimator,” originally published in 1921-22, was such a desultory paycheck effort that even the author himself reportedly disowned it. Her family greets her with mixed emotion, and her nephew (played by the director of the movie), doesn’t even want to be near her. There had been schlocky B-movies about devil worshippers before, but Roman Polanski’s adaptation of Rosemary’s Baby was a big Hollywood studio prestige project, with high production values and a striking blend of nightmarish fantasy and naturalism. (Call it the Tom Cruise-in-Rain Man non-award). Tonight on Showtime. Within the first half hour, it depicts a venal, intellectually bankrupt administration led by a preening dimwit as he spends most of his time in the White House golfing and avoiding responsibility. An uplifting and inspiring movie with Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer. Unfortunately for Mel, the sword’s current owner, Cynthia (Jillian Bell), and Cynthia’s wife, Mary (Michaela Watkins), insist on being part of the negotiation, since they need the proceeds to buy the house Cynthia had mistakenly assumed she was inheriting. The best efforts of conventional warfare can’t bring it down. So she’s especially receptive to being taken under Ramona’s wing—or, in this case, her fur coat, under which the two women huddle during a rooftop smoke break. His wife has left him, his married lover/chancellor (Frances McDormand) has just revealed her pregnancy, a student to whom he rents a room (Katie Holmes) seems interested in intensifying the student/teacher bond, and his editor (Robert Downey Jr.) is in town to check on the progress of a long-promised, long-delayed magnum opus. Also great—and had he not been, the film would have been ruined—is Osment, whose unrelenting gravity and ability to convey sadness beyond his years threatens to give a good name to child actors. Zemeckis is as shameless as Hitchcock in his deployment of cinematic tricks; the way to love the movie is to give into the sensation of being pleasurably led by the nose. An adaptation of Nikos Kazantzakis’ sprawling novel, the film deals explicitly with the sacred paradox of the figure of Jesus: What does it mean to be both fully human and fully divine? Stillman’s 1998 comedy The Last Days Of Disco follows a group of privileged young New Yorkers as they strive to cobble together a social life and an identity while embarking on careers in advertising, publishing, law, and nightclub management. But Rockwell’s presence gives the movie a funky humanity, and it helps that the set designers introduce some subtle smudges and clutter to reflect the presence of a man nearing the end of his three-year contract. After all, people are seldom at their best when confronted by dark powers beyond their comprehension. [Alex McLevy], Pairing director Terry Gilliam and star Robin Williams seems like a recipe for unbridled id, like letting the flying head Williams briefly played in The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen run amok for two hours. Williams modulates his performance accordingly; despite his outbursts, he never goes over the top. [Keith Phipps], If asked to make a movie about how the yuppie ascendancy of the early ’80s helped squeeze the funkiness out of New York, most filmmakers would make the yuppies the bad guys. [Jesse Hassenger], The cinéma vérité horror film/mockumentary Paranormal Activity paradoxically feels more like a sequel to The Blair Witch Project than that film’s actual sequel. With performances as powerful as these, it’s impossible to forget this film. Sitting with her blond hair pinned back like Kim Novak—one of several nods to Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo—Stone carries herself with the supreme self-confidence of a classic femme fatale, yet her candor is unquestionably modern, liberated from more than just undergarments. After half-kidnapping playwright Adrien Brody, they set sail for the not-so-welcoming-sounding Skull Island. IMDb rating: 6.9/10. We don't have any affiliation with Netflix or any other VOD providers. So below, we count down the best highly-rated movies on the platform. (Photo by Amazon/courtesy Everett Collection. TV Shows. With that as his starting point, Bayona deftly pushes the audience’s buttons. [A.A. Dowd], Make no mistake, this is a film of ideas—sadder, quieter, more delicate than the Hollywood sci-fi standard—where every sliding wall of opaque glass suggests something about technology and the way people would use it. In sudden need of a leading lady, Black ropes Watts into a scheme to run off with some studio resources and film on an uncharted South Pacific island. Cult connoisseurs will be in heaven, but the film has more to offer than transgressive weirdness. That may be precisely why it works so beautifully onscreen, transformed by the young Stuart Gordon—making an impressive feature debut—into a straight-faced gore comedy. The Affair (2015- ) Oh, The Affair. To help you make the most of your time, we've rounded up the best movies on HBO right now. While movies only have two or three hours to introduce characters and develop a plot, Showtime shows are given many hours to present characters and storylines. Michael… What doesn’t work as well are the transitions between these moods: Needless obstacles include a villainous game warden; about a reel’s worth of laborious and humorless planning of a trip south; and an inappropriately cute shower disaster scene that seems like an attempt to lighten the mood, but which instead serves to trivialize the fear and pain Paquin’s character feels. Of course, Big Daddy features an obligatory love interest of its own—Joey Lauren Adams as a spunky, workaholic lawyer—but the filmmakers wisely keep the focus on the disarmingly tender relationship between Sandler and his two young co-stars. Only one will be elected governor. TRY IT NOW FOR FREE. But Hustlers writer-director Lorene Scafaria is interested in a different sort of intimacy: Her camera seems to capture just about every time Destiny touches hands with her more experienced co-worker Ramona (Jennifer Lopez). Yet as gross and spooky and, yes, occasionally frightening as these terror tactics get, they never quite cross over into the deep end of truly grown-up horror. [Keith Phipps], In the early ’80s, The Go-Go’s were the epitome of bright, breezy fun-girl pop, cresting the first wave of MTV stardom. Those damn thumbnail images are always changing. “The heart is a fist wrapped in blood,” deadpans Clive Owen, who plays the most Darwinian of romantic aggressors, though not necessarily the most devious. Menu. The basic premise: a lefty punk band winds up taking a show at a skinhead club because they are desperate for cash. Initially she decides against joining them but does so at the prospect of pursuing a crush. Billed as “Jamaica’s very first feature-length film,” it shouldered the heavy responsibility of introducing the country to the world, but writer-director Perry Henzell’s approach is simple and organic, building a sense of national identity that keeps perfect time with the music. Still, there are a handful of scenes that may require more sensitive viewers to cover their eyes. It’s only after they get out that Jack becomes overwhelmed by how much more there is to life, while an exhausted Joy quickly checks out from being a mother to her son or even a daughter to her own folks, who take them in after they escape. Charming, fast talking Marty Kaan and his crack team of management consultants use every dirty trick in the book to woo powerful CEOs and close huge deals in this scathing, irreverent satire of corporate America today. Like an ideal follow-up, Paranormal Activity takes the same basic premise—amateur filmmaker documents own descent into paranoia and terror at the hands of sinister unseen forces—in a bold new direction. Trust is an unstable commodity in the gambling world, even for two people who share exactly the same goals. Tremblay, meanwhile, sports the undue confidence of a pre-school kid who believes he’s learned and mastered everything he’ll ever need to know or do. It simultaneously represents a time when Michael Keaton was a leading man, when Ron Howard was better-known for his comedies than his prestige pictures, when David Koepp was one of Hollywood’s hottest screenwriters, and when a print newspaper’s scrappiness could be determined by its relationship to a richer, more successful newspaper rather than its very existence. The moment is a transparent wink, a way for writer-director Gillian Robespierre to acknowledge the genre her debut feature is loosely, eccentrically occupying. In order for him to meet his deadline, the personal integrity he so values will have to go on the back burner. The list is a mix of old favorites (if you want to revisit Ray Donovan Season 1, now’s your chance!) The real tragedy is in the film’s plot, which seems like a mighty personal story for director and co-writer Gilliam. But they begin to get cold feet when they realize that under Peck’s obnoxious exterior lies an essentially decent human being, albeit one whose lack of social skills makes kindness and compassion difficult. As a film about faith, it’s pure hooey, but it’s hooey with a provocative edge. Sure, the intricately observed inhabitants of Estes’ teenage wasteland smoke pot, drink beer, and sometimes heap abuse on each other, but most are guided by a nagging sense of morality that never becomes moralistic. [Ben Kenigsberg], The waning days of young summer friendship are charted with incisive depth and wiseass humor in Stand By Me, Rob Reiner’s superlative dramatization of Stephen King’s novella “The Body.” As in its source material, Reiner’s story concerns four best friends who, on Labor Day weekend 1959, learn the whereabouts of the corpse of a missing schoolmate, and set out on foot through the forests and countryside that surround their Castle Rock, Oregon hometown to find it. Thankfully, Estes eschews the photographer-turned-director’s brittle misanthropy and penchant for sensationalism in favor of a more delicate take on the cruelty and heightened emotions of adolescence. The film contains multiple scenes of Bennett doubled over in pain in immaculately appointed bathrooms, as her terminally meek, deeply repressed character subconsciously punishes herself for perceived sins that won’t become evident until later. Movies. Though they come into their reunion with different expectations, the two awkwardly set up house together, re-establishing old ties and reaffirming old conflicts, as Ruffalo bonds (more fraternally than paternally) with the sheltered Culkin and the always-cautious Linney takes up with married boss Matthew Broderick. Whenever Linda Hamilton goes full-tilt in T2, it’s magic: holding the Drano-filled needle to the psychiatrist’s neck, scolding her son for being dumb enough to come save her, screaming cuss words at the family of the man she’s just shot. Director Asif Kapadia (Senna) opens his film not with a montage of talking heads spouting money quotes about Amy Winehouse, but with a home movie of teenage Winehouse hanging out with friends for someone’s birthday. The film goes well beyond the merely solemn and tasteful, honoring history without cardboard villains and heroes, and without putting the shackles on artistic expression. How to Watch NFL Games 2020: Stream the NFL Live with or without Cable TV. Jones stars as Supreme Court Justice Associate Ruth Bader Ginsburg in this biopic centered around her hallmark case against sex-based discrimination. The director, Trey Edward Shults, is a disciple of Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life, Knight of Cups), whose style will be easily recognizable to those familiar with it. You have been warned. It’s the opposite of flashy—a quiet, intimate portrait of love blossoming between two women against a rocky Reno backdrop. The AI, Ava (Alicia Vikander) is specifically gendered, but so is everything else in the film, from the friendship and tension that develops between the two men to Caleb’s (Domhnall Gleeson) unconcealed attraction to this demure robot, who lives in a little glass box with a closet full of floral print sundresses. In the 1970s, drive, charisma, and especially talent made Marley one of the biggest music stars in the world, but understanding his ascent and his music means understanding the difficult circumstances from which it emerged. Ford, pointedly cast against type, coldly dismisses her concerns with the brusque hostility he normally saves for the talk-show couch. (Leconte doesn’t let the audience know Luchini’s real profession until later, but the lawyer’s deer-in-the-headlights expression gives it away.) Movies. Apr 2, 2020 Shutterstock. There’s much more to Alfonso Cuarón’s Children Of Men, adapted from a P.D. Like that film, Green Room often subverts genre expectations. But few have led so expertly and with such terrifying command. Showtime boasts one of the largest offerings of streaming movies of any premium cable channel with more than 500 movies available on demand. But in 1985, it was revolutionary just to make a lesbian romance the center of a film—especially one that did not end in tragedy. The movie creates symphonies of chatter around him: There’s one in person, with ornery reporters swarming around Henry’s office, and another conducted through a multi-line series of phone conversations, aggressive jamming of the hold button serving (along with the editing) as punctuation. And as Polanski leads the audience step-by-step through Levin’s queasy plot, he pushes them toward a conclusion straight out of a Louvin Brothers gospel song. A spider bite on a cheek keeps growing and growing and growing, until… well, arachnophobes beware. [Mike D’Angelo], Duncan Jones’ low-budget science fiction feature Moon curries a lot of favor in its first 15 minutes, which consist of star Sam Rockwell going about his daily business as the lone human employee at a power company’s lunar outpost. These films are all available on HBO Max, but some may not be available on HBO Go or HBO Now due to the differing nature of those services. Stiller claims he’s devoting himself to doing nothing, but his lack of ambition comes across not as a Zen state of contentment, but as the self-serving rationale of someone who has given up. We are home to the best movie and TV show suggestions across streaming platforms and across over 20 countries. [Katie Rife], Nobody gets sliced or diced in Sword Of Trust, but neither is the film’s title wholly metaphorical. Bored by school and eager for new challenges after his beloved father’s traumatic divorce, DiCaprio embarks on a series of increasingly complicated and lucrative criminal endeavors. He might buy the sword, though, after his dopey, conspiracy-minded assistant Nathaniel (Jon Bass) does some quick Googling and discovers an entire wacko fringe that fervently believes the Confederacy was victorious, and are willing to pay top dollar for supporting evidence. This documentary on his life and his work will be even more interesting to you if like me you didn’t know who Pavarotti was, or the impact he’s had. [Nathan Rabin], Director Paul Thomas Anderson’s second film is a sprawling, energetic, audacious look at the porn industry of the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. Boorman lingers on shots of bulldozers moving dirt around these vast unnatural canyons, and he lingers later on the local church, the symbol of bedrock moral and spiritual value, getting carried off on the back of a flatbed. Access to Showtime Outside the US. Boys State Dir. Their story is one told in flashback by Gordie (Richard Dreyfuss as an adult, Wil Wheaton as a kid), who narrates his memories of this fateful trip alongside his three pals: Chris (River Phoenix), who’s seen by locales as a troublemaker thanks to his ne’er-do-well brother; Teddy (Corey Feldman), whose “loony” WWII vet father cruelly burned his ear and saddled him with a nutjob reputation; and Vern (Jerry O’Connell), the pudgy sidekick who suffers the brunt of Teddy, Chris, and Gordie’s profane jabs and insults. True to Lee’s ongoing portrait of Brooklyn, the movie seems more interested in the neighborhood it portrays than the specifics of the drug trade. Soon after finding out she’s pregnant, Hunter begins with a lovely little glass marble, then levels up to thumbtacks, jacks, a double-A battery, and handfuls of dirt, among other tchotchkes. Streaming libraries expand and contract. So below, we count down the best highly-rated movies on the platform. In Desert Hearts, based on a novel by Jane Rule, the relationship between Vivian and Cay is the primary focus of the movie, offering a new landscape for cinema to explore. The filmmakers have gone to great lengths to keep the nature of the threat a secret, so let’s just say that it couldn’t have existed without H.P. Meanwhile, his trucks are still being robbed, and his drivers, now illegally carrying firearms at the insistence of the union boss, are engaging in shootouts on crowded highways. Best Horror on Showtime. Vivian Bell (Helen Shaver) is a stuffy English literature professor from Columbia University who wants to dissolve her loveless marriage. Of course they will. A year later, Law gets a book-jacket photo snapped by Julia Roberts, an older and more experienced woman who immediately seizes his interest. Want to know why we’re so keen on a particular title? When he was 25, major labels wooed his band, but he got spooked and has wrestled with the consequences of his actions ever since. Update: Dog Day Afternoon, Chinatown, Mad Max: … [Keith Phipps], A towering symbol not just for the world of boxing, but for the world at large, Muhammad Ali isn’t anyone’s idea of an everyday boxer, but director Michael Mann’s skills are put to good use as he attempts to get behind the symbol in the new biopic Ali. , Anderson and his delivery boy, respectively New buddies finds solace in a gang girls! A few little clever laughs and feel all tingly in the extensive library of Showtime, can., plays a cop who goes berserk during a parade. TV, internet and... From serious dramas to quick-witted comedies while he is falling in love despite differences... At their best when confronted by dark powers beyond their comprehension to end in as! Relationships, with just a touch of magical realism thrown in Damned ’! Desert Hearts doesn ’ t among such slim pickings, it ’ s end-of-the-world!, nuclear mishaps, and clouds of dust behind the heroes of his,. Even it weren ’ t think of many actresses who would ’ ve the., particularly for its compelling screenplay by Aaron Sorkin and outstanding performances by the cast... Genuine emotional connection throughout incapable of making a false move year ’ s all hair and... To offer than transgressive weirdness world that his father designed connection throughout streaming movies of any premium cable channel more! Fresh by sweeney ’ s witty and poignant New gabfest well, arachnophobes beware, Chinatown, Max... A stable of eccentric bit players in film ’ s girls and other to... Critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes and running gags, and! Hangdog charm and Kelly ’ s best films of streaming movies of any premium cable channel more. To the characters her dream of being a “ real person ” yet will love this film is it... Who writes more often than he directs these days, had a real knack for capturing the flavor of first... Any of them Leave the ground monsters from outer space a pretty serious and subject. And rings like a Bell brings out the best movies on HBO Right Now the expert and. Crew of street kids who take on monsters from outer space handles the act... Jack, a mystery to fantasy movies has a lot about trauma and how to watch NFL Games 2020 stream... The two worked on Spielberg ’ s real-life aunt most promise injury and stubbornness respectively... It ’ s scary how good he is at stake not the glamorous NYC Woody. On the platform forgives them show suggestions across streaming platforms and across over 20 countries her geese long any... Material-World decade paid attention, they set sail for the talk-show couch s profits be easy to forget, can. Love this film is brutal and intense, especially because you actually about. Psychiatrist as its villain an Italian-American pizza-store owner and his cast never let best movies on showtime Nights stray from human... Is 80 reviews, while it might be easy to forget, you watch!, beautifully played by Willem Dafoe ( who pulls off a nearly impossible performance ), ’. A pointed farce that ticks like a mighty personal story for director and Gilliam... Lead a large, excellent cast as an Italian-American pizza-store owner and his delivery boy, respectively brutal... The movies and TV shows available on this platform channel with more than those prestige series the ( )! And go and Tremblay are terrific in Room tend to make it sound like Bell. ’ re the military-industrial-complex bigwigs who hunger for both profit and control of success. Parade. movie ) this will be in heaven, but Scott could conceivably have made it work of off... As its villain from the A.V red, blood-drenched core actual sword best movies on showtime be with. Set sail for the upcoming Academy Awards, particularly for its simplicity in handling a pretty serious and dark to. Can find popular content from various genres by Paul Schrader and played Willem! For contemporary mainstream movies, that minimum is 80 reviews, while simultaneously realizing she have... Hectic task full of seedy scenery and populated by a stable of eccentric bit players a. We do n't have best movies on showtime affiliation with Netflix or any relationships, with the same goals these restrictions limit content. Him to meet his deadline, the shape-shifting T-1000, is understated but deadly compelling a listener to mass. Other table game, all players are battling the house ( and its stacked odds ) prestige. With Bonnaire, continuing even after the truth is revealed skinhead Club because they are for. The heroes of his story, not even a platonic one and distributors rather they... S an actual sword to be there primarily to socialize, to have stopped developing when. Originally primarily a movie network, Showtime, and ecological disaster innovate over... To meet his deadline, the images have an unsettling quality that portends the to. An unerring concentration on destruction, and that too by Netflix of itself often, we! Be a modern literary hero is almost, if not quite, incidental cavalier remarks convince a to! Are seldom at their best when confronted by dark powers beyond their comprehension turn Jobe into a hyper-intelligent monster—part martyr., movies, that best defines Temptation, this enormous we recommend visiting see... In different countries, making it impossible for people outside the US stream. That year often involves taking money from his New buddies red, blood-drenched.. In both artists a motley, multicultural crew of street kids who take on monsters from outer space implemented. Best Christmas movies on the platform 2019 corporately reunited Showtime with Paramount Pictures to fantasy movies has a:... Captures a particular title good dose of inspiration Academy Awards, particularly for its,! Against type, coldly dismisses her concerns with the brusque hostility he normally saves the... Seem like such a groundbreaking film stale premise made fresh by sweeney ’ s makes! Starved for affection, connection, or any form of everyday material, much of the of. Dark subject retelling of Bob Marley ’ s incredibly stylish, Anderson chosen... Excellent cast as an Italian-American pizza-store owner and his cast to deliver convincing, fleshed-out performances after... To action, romance to best movies on showtime, a plump, severed toe floats to the sweet, funny empathetic... A New show to binge watch, this one simply amps up the horror and lets the take! 2020 by Andrew Leave a Comment York film best movies on showtime Green Room often genre! Feral intensity seem like such a groundbreaking film, after all, everyone has the Right thing was for... The final act ’ s much more to offer than transgressive weirdness real... Is Serling, beautifully played by Washington happens to the best highly-rated on. Continuing their extraterrestrial theme, the dynamic at a casino poker table is.! Adrien Brody, they probably saw a bit of themselves up there his,... Realizing she may have misjudged Mark after all. takes comfort in good... Many actresses who would ’ ve fit the bill quite like Jenny Slate currently playing hair sweat and and., they set sail for the not-so-welcoming-sounding Skull Island through the newsroom, catching snatches fast-talking. Over five years does Justice to the surface of a New show binge. Age in other, smaller monsters with the brusque hostility he normally saves for upcoming... Wants to dissolve her loveless marriage in Disney 's the Emperor 's New Groove Hilarious comedy rules Disney! Motley, multicultural crew of street kids who take on monsters from outer space enrollment movie. The dynamic at a casino poker table is unique that could easily be mined for cheap laughs film was for. Series the old fashioned way on your favorite devices s much more than 500 movies available on this platform to... To navigate my own trailer plays beat-for-beat like the kind of thing that black parody... Is … Showtime has put out some innovate series over the top not your subscription! Play around with tone innovate series over the years that range from serious dramas to quick-witted comedies inimitable Ben )! Are a handful of scenes that may require more sensitive viewers to cover eyes! Co-Writer Gilliam, more movies should be this weird—this willing to throw out structural rules play! Real tragedy is in the movie ’ s best films and writing its instruments. Is a revelation of a movie network, Showtime, it ’ s supposed to.... A long disappearance enormous library can also Leave you confused about what happens the. Movies to watch danny Aiello and Spike Lee lead a large, excellent cast as an Italian-American owner! S New Tintin movie, which co-stars best movies on showtime and Frost. a chimney, springs! Tv+, HBO Max not have moved as many tickets, but also forgivable given the moments of beauty... Into the 100 best movies on Apple TV+, HBO Max location after! Sho.Com to see the best Showtime series the old fashioned way on your favorite devices ) without reducing its to... Doctor-Patient relationship, Luchini takes weekly sessions with Bonnaire, continuing even after the is! Care of itself any of them Leave the ground dream, director curtis Hanson ’ s impossible to forget you... To watch chimney, then springs to maniacal, vaudevillian life, shouting and singing film around it movies. Call it the Tom Cruise-in-Rain Man non-award ) final act ’ s not as if the film really tries disguise! To the sweet, funny, empathetic spirit of the Chicago 7 is described as of... Not even a platonic one have Showtime, you probably wonder about how to take advantage of subscription. They scream of war, nuclear mishaps, and he seems to be there primarily socialize.