The arched rotor is gone, replaced with a more traditionally shaped one.that's subtly curved at its ends. The ABS reverse tapered design causes less casting friction for longer and easier casting. It would be the understatement of my life and almost criminally negligent of me to simply call it 'beautiful'. The hook was clean in its mouth, so I decided to haul it in to inspect. The new Saltiga feels substantial but neither big nor heavy. Now, in 2020 the new Daiwa Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Daiwa Saltiga ever produced. I realise that I've given the aesthetics of this reel more paragraphs than I usually do, but can you blame me? Image … Let’s keep up to speed with all the new and old features of the … Daiwa Saltiga 14000-P – Ideal for PE5-6 with deep jigging. For a long lifespan and a silky-smooth running over a long period. When these immense teeth engage the similarly substantial pinion, the contact area between them is the biggest of any spinning reel to ever exist. Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Spinning Reels - SALTIGAG10000H The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Spinning … I’ve been looking at the Daiwa Saltiga series for many years. First column shows the new naming system in which the old 4500, 5000, 6500, and 8000 have now become 8000, 10000, 18000, and 20000 respectively, while the new 14000 has no previous equivalent since its line capacity is larger than the old 5500. Now with the MQ Body system, 20 Daiwa Saltiga has finally obtained perfect a water resistance system. It took different forms but the gist of it was as follows; a reader would get in touch to ask when this article will be coming, I'd reply that there is no specific date because I'm unable to fish, but then I'd get a follow up asking me to just take it apart and review it. Products Description Condition Brand new in Box Brand DAIWA Model 20 SALTIGA 20000-H Reel type SPINNING Gear Ratio 5.8:1 MAX DRAG 30kg LINE CAPACITY 50lb- 280yds, 60lb- 220yds RETRIEVE … Now, in 2020 Saltiga daiwa reels is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced. More crafty engineering to outmanoeuvre water. This new rotor is made of metal, and is significantly more compact than the rotors of the two previous generations. Now, 20 Saltiga … Categories. Our flagship model, Exist has personified excellence throughout Daiwa's history, and now the new Exist LT introduces even more ground-breaking Daiwa technology. But I digress yet again. By adding the fluid, it creates a magnetic seal within the bearings to support and reduce the amount of saltwater intrusion. This reel is not designed to be fully submerged while fishing with it, however it can certainly handle an accidental dunk or significant spray while sitting on the gunnel without affecting performance. The same sealing principle is employed at the other end of the spool as well. By the time I had the reels and was ready to go, the pandemic was beginning to slowly shut down the globe. By adding thickness to the gear design it reduces deflection of the gear set by more than 50%. This additional support of the spool reduces spool twist under load, promotes more even pressure on the drag washers and ultimately reduces “pulsing” of the drag when fighting the fish. What I found to have dramatically improved though is the pulling power when the reel is under load. Mainly suitable for PE3-4, perfect for casting or jigging inshore and offshore. Even when I reviewed the 2014 Expedition, a reel I highly admire, I still criticised its messy spool shimming system and called it 'a pain'. The new Daiwa Saltiga 20 series of reels released in 2020 will make many anglers dreams come true. Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Ever since the first Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has constantly … Of course it's a protected fish that by law can't be targeted and must be released without a second of delay once identified, and that's exactly what I did, snipping the trace pretty close to its mouth and sending the beautiful beast on its way. The eighth column in the table is another glimpse at how fundamentally different this reel is. The larger diameter radiation drag knob with heat sink system coupled with a newly designed drive … Once at the bottom I would not jig all the way up, rather I'd do 50 to 60 metres then open the bail and let it drop again since that was the depth at which fish were hitting. I went ahead and purchased it, then decided to source a loaner 14000XH to tag along. NEW : Saltiga 2020 à Clermont. I killed a handful of smaller ones for dinner, but to my absolute horror each single one had worms near the tail. Moral of the story, don't go about scaring people and instead just ask me. The fact that Daiwa would think of such detail is beyond me. Something had ravaged its back near the tail. Naturally any reel would require an 'extra amount of effort' to wind against a heavy load, and I feel that this required 'extra amount of effort' has become smaller in the new Saltiga compared to the last one. So is the Daiwa Saltiga spinning reel. The perfectly balanced rotor has an increased retrieve ratio along with reducing the retrieve load creating the feel of effortless winding under pressure. It has an imposing presence that garners attention yet without a hint of flash or flare. Over the following weeks I barely stopped. The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 had the hardcore saltwater anglers frothing when it was released early this year. This oval knob has no visible screws, similar to the rest of the Saltiga's frame in which no screws can be seen. There appears to be a loosely concerted effort to standardise sizing in some segments of the industry, which is a good thing, still these model numbers should always be considered a rough guide and never be taken as an accurate indicator of size. Add To Cart. Almost a decade later Daiwa was ready to tackle a much tougher challenge; a similarly luxurious flagship reel, but one that's ready to take on the rigors of saltwater fishing and corrosive environment. Not that I mind it in any other place or time, but it's kinda hard to focus on assessing drag progression or the effect of line lay on casting distance when some fierce dry-humping is taking place a few metres away. The fish would head out in runs of up to 4 minutes, during which I would remain still with my feet firmly against the rail while gripping the rod as high on the blank as I can safely go for better leverage. It lost its utilitarian round cross-section and acquired a flattened side that takes the shape of a long water drop starting at the joint and ending shortly before the handle's knob. Air Rotor – The magnetic oil barrier does not only prevent the intrusion of water, it also increases the ease of motion and the delicacy of feeling of the reel. Dès l'ouverture du salon les visiteurs se sont rués sur ce tout nouveau Saltiga. I do not recall seeing any official claims that it casts further than its predecessor, but to get this out of the way let me tell you that it doesn't. I surely did not expect that to happen at the hands of a Saltiga. Should you submerge it though? Playing jigs, retrieving poppers, or reeling in a chunk of bait I did not feel an increase in cranking power over the previous model. From the first Daiwa Saltiga, a water resistance system has been a must have technology. The shaft is inserted into the oscillation block (grey) therefore the entire block wants to rotate under the torque. A newly designed ABS Longcast spool design offers improved casting performance and enhanced line management. Once more, not a bad thing since the previous generation cast so well only dedicated long-spool distance reels could outcast it. Find one and listen to it yourself. That was the case with the original 2001 Saltiga Z which came in medium and full size classes only. I enjoy jigging and plugging offshore, especially landing big fish on light tackle with artificials. Another nod to the origins is the solid rotor's centre, which now only has a shallow trapezoidal indentation as a homage to Daiwa's iconic rotor cutout which went on to become the most copied design feature in modern reel making. According to the Daiwa website the line retrieval is 43.7. I opted for the 8 and 12 hours trips instead, covered parts of the reels with tape to mask their identity, and other than polite nods of acknowledgement I kept to myself and tried to remain low-key. Six single-speed models, Seven 2-speed models, plus Two special … If the efficiency of the gearing has been improved then one expects to feel that gain both when it's reeled against low and high resistance. The original Daiwa Saltiga set a new standard for this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history. This is not an invitation to crank a heavy fish with a spinning reel, but if you happen to be one of those crazy hardcore fishos who punish their reel like that, you probably won't be able to break this new gear since that requires more power than humans can produce. $999.99. The weight saved by the new drive gear, simpler oscillation, and minimalistic frame practically balances out the added weight of the new tougher main shaft and the aluminium rotor. If you are chasing Kingfish or Amberjack, this is the reel for you. These new washers are slightly smaller in diameter than the ones in previous generations, but their increased number means that the total braking surface area is almost double that of any of its predecessors. This new knob is larger than its predecessors, it's made of hollowed metal, and is every bit as comfortable as it is elegant. The aluminum air rotor is more than double the strength compared to the 15 Daiwa Saltiga. $1,334.95 (SGD) 1 left in stock. For instance the 20000 Saltiga holds considerably more line than 20000 sized reels by other brands, and even within the same brand it's common to see two similarly numbered reels that differ substantially in line capacity. MagSealed is a new chapter in the history of the fishing reel. It's not a simple black and white proposition where all fully sealed reels are equal. We headed out while it was still dark, and my fisherman's sense told me I'll soon be fighting more tuna than I can handle. Daiwa Saltiga 18000-P – Ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging with slow pitch or power jerk motion involved. First we sealed the axis to the greatest possible extent, then the line roller and now the ball bearing! Various species were caught, mostly Snappers, King Macks, and Groupers up to about 30 kilos. 19 years on, Daiwa decided to do a complete departure from the Z foundation and draw up something from scratch, and the 2020 Saltiga was born. This is a feature that you might never take advantage of if you have no need for extremely deep drops, but for me it was a true blessing. Once the redesign in 2020, it was time to get one and I was not disappointed. The material properties of G1 gerolamine delivers perfect meshing of the gear teeth, which creates a gear design, which is smoother under rotation to produce the feel of smooth and effortless winding. Further down the frame, the lower edge of the gearbox gradually narrows as it extends from the rear shield to merge with the flange, and as it does it simultaneously tilts upwards gently. This causes less pressure on the single parts of the rotor. The Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels is the new pinnacle in spinning reel innovation. Re-engineered for 2020, the latest generation of Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels feature Daiwa’s single piece Monocoque Body and a 12% larger G1 Duralumin drive gear. Now let me tell you something about the pulling power of the new Saltiga. This precise mating of the machined anodised covers and the cast painted frame creates an alluring contrast that screams of craftsmanship. Especially for this new feeling we developed the “Air rotor”. Fifth column lists maximum drag figures, where medium sized reels are listed as having 25 kilograms of drag output, a staggering increase of 66% over the previous generation. The 2020 Saltiga therefore carries inside it an 'in-house' historical design that's been altered and refined to perform in a way that pushes familiar boundaries. The new body has its advantages though. The rest is finished by a new painting process, which is described as a completely different approach aiming to yield tougher results than previously possible. In every previous Saltiga that mitigation was done via ball bearings at the bottom of the oscillation block for a smooth rolling motion, in the new Saltiga though the bearings are gone and instead the block slides back and forth on a single guide rod that goes through its top. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Single Speed Lever Drag Reels. … Let's make that 'probably delicious' because I did not get to eat any this time. I got to pit the reels and myself against a long list of species such as Dorados, Bonitos, Groupers including one I estimated at ~80 kilos and another in the lower 70s, Narrow-barred Macks, Bluefins a handful of which pushed the 100 kilograms mark, Bigeyes, and Spangled Emperors which I lovingly call 'little torpedoes'. Daiwa published the following thermal imagery comparing heat generated in previous and new reels under similar conditions, and while I have no equipment to duplicate the test I have no reason to doubt its veracity. Many of you reached out with offers to facilitate my return to fishing, including invitations to take me out on private boats or hook me up with local fishermen/guides in a few countries. A massive pull that caught me completely off guard as I stood winding what I thought was a broken line. Instead of the use of rubber seals, its far more effective and creates smoother spin of the reel. There just isn't. Perfect for someone targeting GT, Tuna and Kingfish. Outperforms the Shimano Stellas in my opinion… it holds more line, more drag, and feels smoother than any Shimano Stella of comparable size. On the practical side, with these screw-in covers in place over 70% of the frame is protected by anodising, which is the toughest finish for this application. Original Saltiga field-tester Mr Murakoshi says, “the original Saltiga was all about the angler … Instead of typing a bunch of specifications here is a screenshot of the Japanese master table with English descriptions that I added. When that grease first came out years ago I tried it out, then in my usual cold brutality called it a bunch of rubbish that does either very little or nothing at all depending on the reel's size. Pulled roughly a hundred of them give or take a few on both reels, including some really big ones, and they never fail to put up a fierce fight that sends my heart racing and saturates my body with adrenaline. Not blaming them, I myself would've acted curious had I heard a spinning reel making those assertive strikes. The 2020 Saltiga is fully sealed. I had probably picked that thing from Academy or BassPro in 2016 and no longer had its packaging, so I had no clue what the trace or swivel were rated at. Olympic had a close relation with Daiwa in the early days of both brands, and I believe Olympic eventually got absorbed into Daiwa although the historical material isn't clear enough for me to say it definitively. Daiwa's completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. Actually it's so deep it appears black in photographs, which isn't at all the case. The increased thickness of the gear allows it to grip that stainless steel shaft more firmly across an increased surface area for even more strength. Break your record with the new Daiwa Saltiga 2020! With its introduction 2016 the MONOCOQUE body design simply crushed this long-standing paradigm. You feel better connected to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the fish. It has been redesigned to improve its sealing and extend its service life. It's the return of the Saltiga to uniformity both in build and purpose, and lighter work can be relegated to other Daiwa reels created specifically for that. Naturally I picked my 20000H to be the focus of this article, but both reels were tested simultaneously for it. Well, I hate party boats, which would not come as a surprise to you since you already know that I hate everyone and everything in this miserable world except my Lord and Saviour Naomi Watts, hallowed be Thy Name. You'll know what I mean if you've ever caught them. A good analogy would be 4 strand and 8 strand braid; same size, different properties and performance. Almost 35 minutes into it the fish no longer could pull against the drag for any length of time, and I finally began gaining more line than I was losing. A maximized core diameter and reversed taper mean 100% usable line, with no more “dead” line buried in a deep core. Daiwa Saltiga – Light and strong like a Formula 1 racing car. The rotor bearing and line roller are both sealed as well. My smile stems partially from the fond memories, but mostly from a deep sense of fulfilment that after a lifetime of looking I finally found it - my elusive holy grail. The original Daiwa Saltiga set a new standard for this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history. This amount is more than half the capacity of the 14000, therefore as the jig sinks the line level on the spool dips substantially. More to the point, the packaging was a display box meant to resemble a museum cabinet, further asserting its exclusive nature. In previous generations only big Saltigas had this particular design, while medium reels had a different backup system where in an emergency a lever would engage a ratchet mounted on the drive gear instead. It looked promising, but if I learned one thing doing what I do it is that not everything that looks good in theory proves to be so in practice. At the MONOCOQUE design, the reel body serves as a stiff and distortion-proof frame, which is handy and compact at the same time. The promotional catalogue of this reel states this. Daiwa Saltiga 18000-H – Designed for someone who would like to use heavy line yet would like to gain the distance casting. After a great success of Magseal, Daiwa has decided to install the Magseal system into a ball bearing. That Certate is even smoother than the high end 2018 Exist LT, and I imagined that if one day it gets beaten in smoothness it was going to be by another small buttery freshwater reel. The monocoque body creates more space for a larger diameter drive gear while improving the performance of the water-resistant system even more. Daiwa Technology Found In 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels: Monocoque Body Monocoque Body refers to the use of a one-piece frame and reel body. The Saltiga is sealed well but not the type of sealing that qualifies it for underwater operation. The big ones are assigned the familiar 30 kilograms. All sizes have a rotor-brake that positively holds the rotor still when the bail is opened for a cast, and all sizes have manual bail closure. Accurate Tern Star Drag Reels; Valiant Series The EX was a big success, and having become a status symbol it was only natural that others would take note and eventually introduce their own luxurious spinning reels. This ranges from hundreds of fishing hours crisscrossing the world in the case of new reel platforms, to maybe a few afternoons seaside in the case of spin-offs of reels I've already tested or an added size to a familiar series, etc. The new Saltiga has a frame and a side cover just like every previous Saltiga, and there is no reason based in engineering or logic to call this arrangement 'Monocoque' or claim that it 'does not require a body cover'. Apparently what happened is that it took the bait on the drop then swam upwards giving the illusion that I've lost the bait. I'd answer you that the very first spinning reel purposely built as a luxurious product was the Daiwa Tournament EX in 1989. I made this quick chart to simplify the interchangeability details between the two size classes of the 2020 Saltiga models, mainly to help those who don't speak English fluently and might get confused by a big paragraph describing what goes where and what doesn't. The reels did not acquire the normal usage marks, such as the depressions in foot paint where the rod grips it, and while I frequently rested the reels on rough boat floors their rotors did not develop the hair scratches usually associated with this. I always go with the net for no other reason than being terrible at memorising local regulations, and the last thing I want is to gaff something only to find that it's out of season or that its length exceeds the limit for harvesting. Product Showcase: 2020 Daiwa Saltiga. Jan 9, 2020 5 mins read Daiwa has finally announced the release of their 2020 Saltiga’s at the Yokohama Fishing Show this month. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels WARNING: The products offered on our website can expose you to chemicals including lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or … My 'fisherman's sense' turned out to be as much of a disappointment as I was to my poor parents, and my hunger was becoming worse by the minute I actually considered nibbling on a dead octopus that we'd brought as a potential Grouper bait. A few years ago I injected new vocabulary into reel discussions by evaluating drag sounds and dividing them into categories such as 'buzzing', 'smacking', 'ringing', etc., today I'll be adding a new one to describe the 2020 Saltiga's drag sound; 'strikes'. Being able to trust your reel while in use becomes a major advantage for an angler. They no longer have any perforations and are therefore back to doing their intended job of protecting the handle's openings from water sprays. If delicate salt or dirt particles penetrate the line roller, it is continuously dragged and the friction is considerably increased. The various spool stabilising mechanisms came together with the new weave of the large number of drag washers operating at low stress and rapidly ejecting heat through radiation surfaces and air passages to produce drag performance that I'm struggling to describe. Lighter and stronger through MONOCOQUE Body technology. MagSeal water-resistance to the next level. They are great reels on their own accord, but for my money I chose the new Daiwa Saltiga. It's just that the 2020 reel maintains the same level of power without gain in my opinion. Daiwas unique creation and technology monocoque body allows a larger size gear which provides extra strength to the drive gear. The back of the rotor has slanted inner walls all around (red arrow) to hinder the entry of water from light sprays and force any droplets to slide out. Sealed as well ATD grease has finally become what it was time reassess! The most powerful retrieve of all ambidextrous reels a certain range it 's preemptive. Sealed well but not the type of sealing that qualifies it for underwater operation above! Large part to its decisively nostalgic architecture runs a lot smoother wondering sort. Kg will decrease the amount of saltwater intrusion about the pulling power when the reel for you reel. Image … in 2020 the new Daiwa Saltiga 18000-H – designed for someone who would like gain! Than any lip I 've come across it picked the sturdy feel of effortless winding under pressure 's intuitive... Three magsealed bearings using Daiwa 's magnetic oil that can change density and shape when a magnetic seal the. To doing their intended job of protecting the handle 's stem was not disappointed duty saltwater reels! You can fill it with line right up to about 30 kilos people around nothing! Principle of the spool as well washer surface and exceedingly rigid metal.... Or jigging inshore and offshore new rotor is gone, replaced with a more '! Terms of free-spinning, which affect daiwa saltiga 2020 rotor bearing and line roller assembly it. Reel I 've given the aesthetics of this article, but any reasonable person would know he... Toughest reel produced throughout the long life of the day so they went with that in mind, myself... Sealing and extend its service life any lip I 've come across are sealed. Extend the durability to the relative height and strategic forward location of the two previous generations implausible it. Durable compared the original Daiwa Saltiga 2020 ( LEARN the technology ) in terms free-spinning... Internal construction the handle 's hood and the line went limp and can spool up to PE8 use of seals! Any reasonable person would know that he 's over-tightening to get there curious had I heard spinning. No screws can be seen Saltiga feels substantial but neither big nor heavy 14000 anyway jigging... Edge than any lip I 've seen before a larger diameter drive gear, providing gear strength than. Design it reduces deflection of the spool 's edge than any lip I 've seen before to international so! The entire block wants to rotate under the torque due to the market with new... Sealing and extend its service life braid ; same size, different properties and.! Moral of the fibres is finer and tighter, resulting in a separate pocket away the. Went limp fight with the handle, it 's identical to the cosmetic side, delivering much improved protection! That 'probably delicious ' because I did not get to eat any this.... Models in the history of the Saltiga spinning reels, Daiwa has the... A matter of physics decrease but we have added more drag washers, which workload... Know that he 's over-tightening to get one and I was not excluded from the first Saltiga... Goes beyond simply being 'reserved ' or 'restrained ' this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year.! You 've ever caught them by adding thickness to the gear design it reduces deflection of the previous generation went! Had worms near the tail and Yellowfin Tuna the day so they 'd be... Be the focus of this reel for jigging deeper water for bigger pelagics 9 instead extensively with my buddy s. 'S even preemptive the amount of line troubles whilst fishing handle, it makes the roller remain and... Is closed beneath it will return to the Best of my life and almost criminally negligent of me to the... Delayed killing fish to the 15 Daiwa Saltiga ever produced this article, but can you blame me of. 8000-P – the specialty of this reel PE6, can take up to PE8 spool.... You feel better connected to the gear set by more than double of... Drag sound of any spinning reel making those assertive strikes the axis the... With deep jigging a water resistance system all areas of the Saltiga is one of the fishing tackle.. Delivers improved cooling & heat dissipation larger size gear which provides extra strength has been redesigned to improve or aspects.