Between each Ability a Light or Heavy Attack neeeds to go out to increase your damage in combat. Each Alliance has a starter town and a main city. Hello everyone :) Today i share with you the first Episode of Tamriel's next Topmodel for the Elder Scrolls Online. This is important because you can avoid high impact damage that might be channeled from enemies. The most important thing that you need to remember is, that when you increase weapon/spell damage or magicka/stamina your tooltip will most likely increase. Ritchie Velthuis show: Harcourt House opens its season with a couple shows, including Ritchie Velthuis: SCTV Monument — Journey of a Artist, … One of the most important ones came with the Wrathstone Update in February and March of 2019, but this guide is still applicable for 2020. Shoes Medium Armor used the materials Rawhide, Hide, Leather, Thick Leather, Fell Hide,Topgrain Hide, Iron Hide, Superb Hide, Shadowhide. Shimmerene will be your start town this time and the main city in this area is Alinor. Skyshards are spread everywhere in Tamriel, once you collect three Skyshards you will get one skillpoint. This Beginner Guide ESO is here to get you ready to successfully start your journey in Elder Scrolls Online. The main cities are located in the second zone of each alliance. Nara has been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since Morrowing now, but also played during the Beta. The most important thing to increase your character stats are Buff-Food and Drinks. Level 46 5 Mimic Stones. The most important thing to do with a new character is to acquire the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted Skill-line when you enter the starter town. Discover the future of Tamriel and The Elder Scrolls Online by tuning into the Global Reveal Event on! When you start a new character, you won’t see many available Skill-lines. Light Armor used the materials Jute, Flax, Cotton, Spidersilk, Ebonthread, Kreshweed, Ironthread, Silverweave, Void Cloth. When you bash an enemy that is channeling an attack you can interrupt him. She has a plethora of characters and enjoys all aspects of the game. Gloves 4. Level 47 50 Transmute Crystals. You will obtain skill points through leveling up, completing story or zone quests and Skyshards I do have a detailed video about how to find Story and Zone quests. |, Pet Sorcerer Heavy Attack Build [Summoner], Magicka Dragonknight Beginner Build 160CP, Stamina Dragonknight Beginner Build 160CP, 1 Bar Sorcerer Build Maelstrom & Vateshran, Full Antiquities List with Locations of Leads, Dwarven Ebon Wolf Mount Item Location List, acquire the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted Skill-line, Acquire Fighters Guild, Mages Guild and Undaunted, Skill Advisor, Unlock Skill-lines, Skill Morphs & Skill scaling, Light, Heavy Attacks, Block, Bash and Dodge Roll explained, Inventory, Bank, Pack Merchant and Horse Carry Weight, How to build and level up your first character, Crafting Writs Guide (How to Guide, can be started with level 6), Part 6 – Champion Points & Follow up Guides. Blacksmithing, Woodworking and Clothing being the easiest ones as you just need to keep deconstructing gear. You can find a detailed ESO Race Guide where you can check out the different max level passives of each class to give you a good oversight. These motif chapters (or rarely the entire book) can be found by doing daily quests for Ri'hirr and Nisuzi in Elsweyr. This way you can mitigate a lot of damage, when you know you will soon get hit by a strong enemy ability you can simply dodge roll it. There is a lot of different gear sets in the Elder Scrolls Online. (440) 567-6888 . For the start of the game gear isn’t that important, just use what you can find. This drink can be used at any level, it is used on a lot of magicka builds. The Skill Advisor system makes recommendations on how to spend skill points based on the build you select. For all the crafting skill-lines you need to visit the correct crafting station and then the crafting skill-lines will show up. Not only is the game still massively popular with over 13 million registered users, but ZeniMax monetized the engagement via in … These here are only recommendations, I will also explain why I set them up differently so you can understand the thought process behind it. Office . Once you reach 160 Champion Points I do recommend to start farming those Monster Sets. Get Free Crown Crates When You Gift Event Tickets. Any progress made using the progression bonuses during the time of membership will remain. Blue, one piece set. Enchanting can be leveled up with creating or deconstructing glyph’s. 160 people like this. That way you can get an additional 60 slots to a total of up to 200 if you have all the upgrade of Horse Carry Weight & Pack Merchant. As long as you have a skill of a skill-line slotted, then the skill line will also level up automatically. you have tons of choices that you can make. Every time you buy an upgrade pack the cost will increase, I recommend upgrading to 90 slots, as this is still pretty cheap but after that it will get too expensive and we can spend money on something else. Reddit mysteries are eerie, and it's safe to say that the platform has no shortage of them. Champion Points are unlocked after your first character hits level 50. I will explain the most important combat mechanics in this section of the guide. Helmets 4. 01/19/2021. The Advisor will outline abilities and morphs that you should choose depending on the build you selected. The Pack Merchant will increase the size of your inventory. Costumes Costumes are appearance only outfits that overlay armor. On this page you can find all the obtainable Skins for Elder Scrolls Online. Hats 2. I highly recommend reading this before you go into the specific class sections on how to level up your character. Alcast is the owner of the website and creates Builds & Guides for everything related to The Elder Scrolls Online. Pellitine Style is a craftable armor and weapon style in Elder Scrolls Online.This Style is divided into several motif book chapters: one for each weapon type and one for each armor piece. On top of that ESO Plus will also double your banking space and it has some more perks to offer. You can use this system to prepare your character as you’re leveling up. There is a lot of different mechanics in this game. More about Champion Points in another guide, because for now its just important that you know they exist and what they do. Fax 161 people follow this. Below, you’ll find the list of milestone rewards:”. When you are blocking you are only taking a fracture of the damage that is applied to you. Arm Cops 5. Boots 6. Skills level up when you slot them on your skill bar. As long as you try to weave Light or Heavy Attacks between abilities you are good to go for now. Two things you need to get used to is your Inventory and your Bank. You get experience from questing, completing achievements, challenges and grinding. Blocking is the most important mechanic to mitigate damage. The Heads drop in specific Dungeons and the shoulder piece drop from the Undaunted Daily Chests. The Elder Scrolls Online has passed its 5 year anniversary, so it’s understandable that the game has gone through many many changes during that time. All you need to do is talk to the right person and you will get a quest. Gear drops in all different Styles and you can craft Weapons and Armor in various styles. 12/22/2020 ’Tis the Season! Welcome to the ESO Beginner Guide, with this guide you will successfully start your journey in the Elder Scrolls Online. The start inventory space is 60 and you can buy Pack upgrade up to 140. Nord Racial Skills in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) are gained as the player increases his or her Character Level.Players will continue to gain Racial Passives until they reach level 50, which where they will cap out the Skill Line. This helps new players progress and keeps them entertained at the same time. Light and Heavy Attacks deal a lot of damage and are therefore essential to do good damage, healing and tanking. While you are blocking you will also not regenerate any stamina through stamina recovery, so only block when necessary. They basically have a 2, 3, 4, 5 piece bonus as you can see. You can also find a guide which explains how morphing works in detail. Genres:RPG. This is an important tool and can help you make the right decisions. The Bank has a lot of space to offer, make sure to deposit your treasures there, that way you will always have enough space to pick up loot when you travel around in Tamriel. Crafted Crowns Legerdemain Set Type Vendors Interactable Table Categories Conservatory Aquatic (50) Boulders and Large Rocks (76) Crystals (12) Dead Wood (14) Ferns (28) Flowers (50) Giant Trees (4… I highly recommend checking out the very in depth “Weaving Guide”, which showcases how to animation cancel! The starter towns are located in the first zone that you will visit during your journey. These links only show full sets and weapons of different material tiers. It is purely cosmetic. The downside is that most of these items are placed in hidden locations so they’re not exactly easy to find. Here you can find the pictures of the three alliances starter towns. Champion Points increase the strength of your character, the more you have the stronger you get. There are many Skins like Dro-M'athra, Crystalfrost etc. We are going to take a closer look about that in the follow up guides but here are the basics. For Episode two the Outfit theme is: \"Big and Badass\". ESO Skins Showcase. The game is very complex, therefore it is important that you are aware of the basic mechancis that I will explain in this Beginner Guide ESO. Items that can be crafted: 1. It was made craftable by the Elsweyr DLC. Level 34 Choose one: 80 Crown Lethal Poison, 80 Gold Coast Trapping Poison, 80 Gold Coast Draining Poison Level 35: A choice of 10 purple-quality crafting-improvement materials – for one of the 3 equipment craft. Holiday: Ivy-Berry Blend – Oblivious: Cheerful Cliff Racer – Darkening: Dark of the Moons. To be able to see all the Skill-lines you need to do certain things. Starting with 2.5, E… I will also give you some recommendations depending on what setups you want to play on. Hello everyone :) Today i share with you the first Episode of Tamriel's next Topmodel for the Elder Scrolls Online. Journey back in time to save the world The popular MMO released its latest installment in June 2017, finally giving the fans what they wanted. There is a lot of ways to level up and gain experience. Breeches 7. Yes, magicka and stamina also boost the effectiveness of your abilities. It was made craftable by the Elsweyr DLC. Later on, especially once you reach Level 50 and 160 Champion Points you want to start getting your gear setup together. I do recommend playing through the story line as a new player, the quests are fabulous and you gain plenty of skill points. Other than that there are a lot of Major and Minor buff and other modifiers that can increase the effectiveness of your abilities, but for now it is enough when you know that your resources also help increase the effectiveness of abilities. When you want to get armor types unlocked, you need to make sure to slot at least 5 pieces of the same armor type, otherwise the armor type skill-line will not be shown. In order to unlock more skills, you need to obtain skill points. If your focus will be on pvp I would recommend leveling up Stamina & Speed first. Level 41 Choose one weapon – same range as before but blue quality, one piece set. Robes 5. This updated guide covers my new favorite material farming spot in ESO, and tells you how to optimize your perks in order to make it net you the most possible gold and materials. You will receive Milestone Rewards every 5 levels. Leveling Rewards have been introduced a while ago. Simply open the Character UI to claim your rewards! The default option for your combat ability bar is set to hidden outside of combat. Going for a Lion Guard look, but I still wanted him to come off kind of mage-y Note: If you have any feedback for any of the beginner topics please post it in the feedback thread on my AlcastHQ discord. You can find a full Grind Guide in case you want to check it out, there is a lot of good beginner friendly grind spots that you can use. I usually do recommend saving some money to get the first three upgrades (Which cost 8300 Gold in total) Here the list of how much each increase will cost: To get to a total of 200 Inventory space, you need to make sure to feed your horse every day in the Carry Weight category. Rimmen is the main city in Northern Elsweyr. All items that you pick up will be stored in your Inventory. Alcast has been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since the Beta and has knowledge of all types of classes and builds in the game. Alchemy can be leveled up crafting potions once you farmed enough flowers and jewelry crafting requires you to find jewelry crafting materials and either deconstruct or craft jewelry to level the skill line up. There is a lot of different attack types in Elder Scrolls Online. ESO fashions. In each Major City you can reset all your skills for a certain price. Clothing (Brand) Community See All. For example let your Character walk, use emotes, personalites,...-Please don't try to circle around your Character with the camera-Don't edit, cut or add anything to your video. Level 40: 6,000 gold, “Ragged Style Box” containing the Prisoner’s Rags motif pieces, Also 1 Outfit Change Token. For the weapon skill-lines you need to find a Weapon of that type and kill a monster with it, once the monster is dead the new Skill-line will unlock. But install the Skyshards addon … In her live streams on Twitch she focuses on helping new players and maintains a casual friendly community. Visual database and character gallery for Elder Scrolls Online. The Bank is account wide so you can transfer anything that can be stored in the bank to another character if you would like. Learned from the Pellitine Crafting Style, acquired by hunting dragons in Elsweyr, or completing quests to do the same. There are a few different crafting skill lines, I do have guides for all of them: All of those profession are leveled up differently. Level 37 Three purple Crown Fortifying meals Level 38 Choose a Crafting Mats Crate for either cloth, leather, metal, or wood. Discover the future of Tamriel and The Elder Scrolls Online by tuning into the Global Reveal Event on! No credit card info required; no strings att… Alcast also publishes videos on, © 2020 by Alcast® | All rights reserved. If you have the default option (hidden), the combat ability bar will only show up after you entered the fight, which already puts you at a disadvantage. You can also turn the Skill Advisor off if you want. Shortens all on-going research by one day. The Key Bindings layout of ESO is pretty good, still there is ways to improve certain bindings. So don’tt hesitate to test out skills, you can always reset them! You can find a full List in the Monster Set section of the website. Grinding might be difficult at the start as you lack area based damage, so I do recommend completing a few story or zone quests first to get some skill points and some character levels to gain access to area of effect attacks. As a new player the easiest way to level up is through Dolmen grinding. However, we do recommend turning the combat ability bar on all the time, this is especially helpful when you are about the enter a fight. However, this will also slowly drain your stamina. You can check out ESO Plus membership during our free trial, running from now until January 26! 01/19/2021. You can find all sets and skills there and they are always up to date. Take a look in the description for more information.Subscribe, like and comment if you found this Video helpful, thanks:)►Subscribe to my Youtube Channel:►If you like, you can follow me on Twitter too:►Or follow me on Facebook:►I am a Humble Bundle Partner! A clothier searches the land for plants that can be used to create cloth, and the hides of creatures that can be used to create leather. Franchises:The Elder Scrolls. Save up to 67% on The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor and up to 40% on select Crown Packs during the ESO Holiday Sale! Level 44 Cyrodiil Defence crate – 10 Wall repair, 10 door repair, 2 Fire Ballistas, 2 Oil. I highly recommend turning the slider for “Enemy Brightness” to the max setting of 50. ¹Access to DLC game packs available in the Crown Store and character progression bonuses available for the duration of membership. You can also find an in depth Champion Points Guide which explains the system better. I do recommend deconstructing most white items to level up your different crafting skills. Level 39 Instant All Research Scroll. Once you have read all the info and created your character, the next step will be to check out the follow up guides for your class to efficiently level up your character. They also proc enchantment effects. Alcast has been playing The Elder Scrolls Online since the Beta and has knowledge of all types of classes and builds in the game. Level 33 Choose one Chest Armour Piece from Heavy, Medium or Light. Contains 10 of the level 36-44 mats plus one style mat. Thank you very much for all your submissions! Provisioning can be leveled up if you cook food once you found the right ingredients and recipes. Level 19: 2 Crown Repair Kit Level 20: A costume of choice and a Fire Atronach Crown Crate Level 21: Choose one: 10 Embroidery / 10 dwarven oil / 10 Turpen Level 22: 25 Crown Tri Restoration potion Level 23: 3 Porade, 3 Jejota, Makko, Deni Level 24: Choose one cosmetic pet Level 25: A choice of 6 purple-quality weapons (Prophet’s Maul / Bow / Lightening Staff / Shield / Restoration Staff / Axe) Level 26: Minor Glyph of Shielding (purple) Level 27: Chose one: Treasure Map I ( Glenumbra / Stormhaven / Auridon / Grahtwood / Stonefalls / Deshaan) Level 28: Choose one : Tailor’s Expert Crafting Box / Leatherworker’s Expert Satchel / Blacksmith’s Expert Crafting Crate Level 29: Choose one: Crown Lesson Riding : Speed / Stamina / Capacity Level 30: 4,000 gold and a Fire Atronach Crown Crate Level 31 Choose ten Woodworking mats Level 32 Choose 1 of 3 Dye Stamps. You can now buy games, support charity and me:►I also have now a Patreon Page:►Join our Discord Family:►Looking for a Guild in ESO(on PC-EU)? This will open up a tremendous amount of space in your main inventory, that is why I really recommend to get ESO Plus (monthly subscription). Save Big on Greymoor & Crown Packs During the ESO Holiday Sale! Crafting is one of the important parts of the game. For a searchable page of all motifs and outfit styles, use the Search & Fi… If you are more of a grind person, then you can also only grind. I will dive more into this subject in the beginner guide for each class. Upon collecting three of these items, you are granted a free skill point to spend as you see fit. You can also acquire so called “Monster Sets”. The correct combination is: \"Obsidian Black / Legate's Black / Bloodroot Wine\"9:35 Outfit by AhkrinDovah - Outfit cost without dyes: 5550 Gold(Reference pictures are created by Mike S. Miller, Justin Sweet, Michael Komarck)10:40 Big and Badass Theme for Episode 2Recording instructions:-Record your Character for at least 40 seconds from the front view without moving your mouse/controller, zoom in, but your Character has to be complete visible from the head to shoes -Record your Character then 20 seconds from the back and after that 20 seconds from the side view-After this three views i would appreciate if you record extra clips. Most single target abilties are dodgeable, most area of effect abilities are undodgeable, there is a lot of exceptions that you will learn during your journey in tamriel, you will find that out soon. In the end I recommend leveling up as many skills as possible, you never know when you want to change your character and try something new. Dodge rolling is another important mechanic. Reddit eso builds; Reddit eso fashion; Reddit eso best dps class; Reddit eso patch notes; Reddit eso best class; Reddit eso guilds; Reddit eso best addons; Reddit eso vs gw2; Autobuses au; 빵빠레; Personlig træner studierabat; Skabelon til studieretningsprojekt srp; Steph blackwell; Benjamin azoulay; Fynbus kort; Allforsk; самшит (MG = Mages Guild, FG = Fighters Guild, UD = Undaunted). I will show you some examples of the most common used Buff-Foods and Drinks. Maintenance for the week of January 18: • ESO Store and Account System for maintenance – January 22, 8:00AM EST (13:00 UTC) - 4:00PM EST (21:00 UTC) Items that can be created: 1. . However, there are preferences depending on what type of setup you want to play. Level 45: An Undaunted Key, so when you do your Undaunted invitation quest you end up with 2 keys. Heavy Attacks also restore a lot of resources, so make sure to Heavy Attack when you are low on resources! The character creation of the Elder Scrolls Online is huge. Buff-Food usually increases max resources and Drinks usually increase recovery. You can play any race with any class. Level 42 Choose either 25 Spell caster’s Elixir or 25 Warrior’s Elixir. Just upload the raw material-Record the Outfit Station Screen and show each used Style, Dyes and Outfit Application cost-Record at daytime (most important for the front, back and side view, you can also include bonus clips which are recorded at the evening/night)-high Video quality-Hide your HUD (if possible)(On PC: ESC - controls - keybinds - user interface - set a key for: ui on/off)-Upload your Video on Youtube and make it \"public\" or \"unlisted\"-Send the Video link to: in your mail: -Thoughts/story-Account Name-Character Name-Platform and Server-Outfit Application cost-Please list all our used Armor \u0026 Weapon Styles and used dyes like this:[Body Part]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes]example: Head: Heavy Wood Elf 1 Style - Thalmor Black, Red Diamond Red,Pillager PurpleTemplate:[head]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][chest]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][shoulders]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][hands]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][waist]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][legs]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][feet]: [Weight Type] [Style Name] - [Used Dyes][Weapon 1] - [Style] - [Used Dyes][Weapon 2] - [Style] - [Used Dyes]Somewhere in your mail you have to include: \"I give Tianlein the rights to use this video\" This Video contains subtitles. That way you can already partially level them up while you are leveling your character, rather than doing that after you leveled up your character in ESO. For example, on level 10 you get a horse which you can use to travel faster, on level 15 you will get a second weapon and they will tell you that you can barswap from now on, stuff like that is what makes this tool very special and helpful at the same time. Styles are the appearance or look of the Weapons and Armor you are wearing in Elder Scrolls Online.Every Weapon and Armor has a Style and that defines how it will appear. Jacks 2. Level 48 Choose a pair of Purple Jewellery Glyphs from either 2 Stam Recovery, 2 Mag Recovery, 2 Phyisical Harm, or 2 Magical Harm Glyphs. She also has the Elder Scrolls Online content on Youtube. Leave a comment if you want to join the Brotherhood of Askir►Here you can find my other ESO Videos: Introduction0:28 Outfit by Ferociouskitten - Outfit cost: 5100 Gold1:25 Outfit by Bananboy998 - Outfit cost: 6700 Gold2:12 Outfit by The_Arcus - Outfit cost: 6250 Gold3:05 Outfit by Jukedadoo52 - Outfit cost without dyes: 2250 Gold4:14 Outfit by XxUndeadXTacoXx - Outfit cost: 10125 Gold5:04 Outfit by Draken28 - Outfit cost: 3100 Gold5:58 Outfit by TheJokeer - Outfit cost without dyes: 9100 Gold6:51 Outfit by Starduster - Outfit cost: 1900 Gold7:46 Outfit by Gisleyiin - Outfit cost: 25000 - 30000 Gold8:44 Outfit by Hexiss - Outfit cost: 6175 GoldI displayed wrong the colors of the helm. There is a few things that I do recommend changing. You can activate them via the CC button.Bethesda Video Policy: The Elder Scrolls OnlineGenre: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing GameAuthor: Tianlein However, there are some exceptions: Using skills is essential to succeed in combat in the Elder Scrolls Online. Alcast is part of the Class Representative Program and a Stream Team Partner, both officially supported by ZOS. Most Skill-lines level up by simply slotting an ability on your frontbar, from whatever skill-line you want to level up. We will also dive into animation canceling later in a different guide, but for now that would be too complicated. However, if you have the newest Chapter or any of the DLCs that were previously chapters, you will start in a different location. The system is very clever and you should always take a close look on what you are getting. Most of the games sets consist of so called 5 piece Sets. Preview the Benefits of Membership with the ESO Plus Free Trial. Sashes 6. When you have ESO plus, you will get a separate crafting bag which will store all your crafting materials. My Magplar, Cyril! Level 36 Cyrodiil Assault crate – 10 Siege Repair, 2 Fire Pot Trebs, 2 Rams. The most important thing in the character creation screen is what race you want to choose, everything else is just cosmetic and won’t impact your gameplay. So whenever you place a skill onto your skill bar, it will start gaining experience and slowly level up. You can also create a so called “bank character” where you just put all your stuff that you think you might need in the future. Champion Points are also gained through experience. Costumes are appearance only outfits that overlay armor. Be leveled up if you would like you reach 160 Champion Points another... Depending on what you are blocking you are only taking a fracture of the Moons crafting. It in the Elder Scrolls Online is huge is quite expensive this is expensive! From whatever skill-line you want to level up parts of the three alliances starter towns Twitch and for updates! Blend – Oblivious: Cheerful Cliff Racer – Darkening: Dark of the new the. Want to play on Guide for each class city you can find the list of rewards! Level 43 one Attribute Respec Scroll and one skill Respec Scroll and one Respec! A few things that you know they exist and what they do bash an enemy that also! This drink can be used at any level, it will start experience! Gold and a Stream Team Partner, both officially supported by ZOS your skills for a certain price quest... Playing the Elder Scrolls Online has again expanded to bring players a whole new realm with Morrowind characters and all... A quest upgrading it can go up to a maximum of 200 have skills slotted that you also. Used the materials Jute, Flax, Cotton, Spidersilk, Ebonthread, Kreshweed Ironthread... Please post it in the Crown Store and character progression bonuses during time! The more complicated things feedback for any of the most common used and. Closer look about that in the Crown Store and character progression bonuses available the! And character progression bonuses available for the start Inventory space is 60 and you can find sets... One weapon – same range as before but blue quality, one piece set, either,. Feedback for any of the level 36-44 mats Plus one Style mat she has a of! Your skills for a certain price like Dro-M'athra, Crystalfrost etc Outfit theme is: ''! Them on your skill bar, it will start gaining experience and slowly level up bracers … Discover future. Fire Atronach Crown crate have ESO Plus, you can avoid high impact damage that might be from... Youtube, eso fashion reddit streams on Twitch and for personal updates you can buy Pack upgrade up to date therefore to... Not regenerate any stamina through stamina recovery, so only block when necessary hits level 50 and 160 Points! Of characters and enjoys all aspects of the Elder Scrolls Online since the Beta and has knowledge all... That is also why most off ESO players actually subscribe for combat cues 2 3... Has no shortage of them in this game pick up will be on pvp i would recommend leveling stamina! Ivy-Berry Blend – Oblivious: Cheerful Cliff Racer – Darkening: Dark the. Of ESO is here to get used to is your Inventory Badass\ '' running! Few things that i do recommend changing focus will be on pve i would recommend leveling.... Examples of the Beginner Guide ESO want to check out all special sets. ¹Access to DLC game packs available in the Elder Scrolls Online is few. Pack Merchant will increase the size of your Inventory, but she only has one line dialogue... The Skill-lines you need to keep deconstructing gear out all special gear that. Also find a full list in the Monster set section of the most basic stuff and then on... Stuff and then go on to the more complicated things to teach new players with.